Book Review – Sleep Stalkers by Jacki O’Dierno

Sleep Stalkers by Jacki O’Dierno

Publisher: Self published

Available in ebook only.

I received a copy of this book for free from the author using Read 2 Review in the Paranormal and Horror Lovers group on Goodreads.

I must admit that the first thirty pages of the book were brilliantly written and had me completely hooked in this post-apocalyptic world, where demons took over the bodies of love ones and then tried to kill you.  The story begins with Luke, who is waking up from a one night stand and discovers the girl he slept with now a Sleep Stalker and hell-bent on killing him.  Upon disposing of her body, Luke meets Dave and the brotherly relationship between the two men is probably my favorite part of the novel.

And then we meet the female lead character and the book loses its appeal.

Dee is the ultimate Mary Sue, who is a legend among the demon killers aka Minions.  She is beautiful, an expert killer, telepathic, and the chosen one that will save the world from demons.  If Dee was the only problem, I might be able to forgive the author because I absolutely adore Luke.  However, the narrative bogs down the story and then it whips to action so I feel like I’m watching an episode of True Blood or Buffy.  There are no subplots.  There is no depth to the story and the limited staff of characters are forced to entertain the reader through mindless episodes of demon killing. Even by the end of the story, I have no empathy for any of the characters, except maybe Dave.

Typical of a self-published novel, there are some typos.  I caught two misspellings and twice Dave calls Luke “Lucas” that I remember.  Minor, however, considering that the rest of the writing is beautiful and the author does create a creepy atmosphere with ease chapter after chapter.

It’s a shame the this unique concept falls flat.  The book began with great potential and I still think that the first chapter is my favorite out of all the book I’ve read this year.


A new plague is ravaging the country, but the infected are not so much sick as they are homicidal. Demons have begun escaping their prison and found a way into our world through the slumbering minds of humans.
Dee works alone and has ever since her father was killed. She is one of the strongest of her kind, set apart from the rest by a secret that haunts her every waking moment. Yet, her solitary existence is suddenly shattered when a dark force gathers in the streets of Cleveland.Rather unexpectedly, Dee finds herself paired with two others of her kind, each struggling with the paths set before them. Dave, a father who has lost his child, and Luke, the one person who may be able to save her soul. Together they help her delve into the very core of evil that plagues the country and, through bloodshed and heart break, realize just far they’ll have to go to save that which they love the most.

Characters 2/5

Concept 5/5

Pacing 4/5

Grammar 3/5

Ending 3/5

Grade C

If you enjoy Anita Blake, True Blood, or Buffy than you will love this book.

If you’re interesting in buying this book, check it out at Amazon or Goodreads.


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