Book Review: Fire Kissed by Erin Kellison

Fire Kissed (Book #4 in The Shadow Kissed Series) by Erin Kellison

Publisher: Kensington

Available in ebook or paperback on July 3rd, 2012.

Although Fire Kissed is technically the fourth novel in the series, it is completely a stand alone book.  There are hints of previous novels for earlier fans, but Erin Kellison keeps it from feeling like an information dump.

There are three main POVs in this novel: Kaye, Jack, and Grey.  Kaye is a shadowmage, who was brought up thinking that angels will kill her.  So imagine her surprise when she finds an angel in her basement who saves her life instead of kill her.  His dying wish is for the other angels in the Order to protect her.  Jack is chosen to recruit Kaye to betray her own kind and help the angels.  He disregards his attraction to Kaye, as a side effect to her temptress nature.  He fights against his feelings for much of the novel.  Actually, most of the men are spellbound by Kaye, especially Grey.  Normally I’d consider this a turn-off, but Kaye has so many obvious personality faults that this perk fits.  Above all else, Kaye is selfish and driven.  She will manipulate anyone to achieve her goals.  Her faults, for me, made her all the more real and loveable.

I’m also a sucker for a well-developed villain and the added bonus of being able to know the world from Ferrol Grey’s side made me giddy.  Although he is evil, I couldn’t help but secretly wish through parts of the novel that things would turn out well for him.  Kaye absolutely tortures and exploits Grey.  She manipulate him for her own goals and at parts I wonder who is in fact the evil one.

I did have some issue with some of the minor POV characters.  Some parts are shown from the perspective of humans who see the effects of Kaye, Jack, and Grey’s actions.  It confused me because I had no connection with these humans and I still don’t know which humans were related to who and by the time they appeared again, I’d forgotten what happened the first time.

The pacing of the novel was spot on and with the constant switching of POVs, I wasn’t prepared for many of the plot twists.  By the last page I truly wasn’t sure what would happen.  And then the novel ended, and I wanted way more.  I hate cliffhanger novels and this book leaves quite a bit open for future novels.  A little too much in my opinion, but I suppose technically much of the main plot in the novel was resolved.  Reminding myself that this in part of series, the ending was fine…as in OMG Snape killed Dumbledore, what the hell happens in the next book…fine.  I will be reading the next book when it comes out.

Characters 4/5

Concept 5/5

Pacing 5/5

Grammar 5/5

Ending 2/5


Fae Fire

It is Kaye Brand’s power to wield. But outcast from her kind, she’s been selling herself to the highest bidder—money for her survival in exchange for a magic glimpse into the flames of the future.

Angel Ice

One of the angelic Order, Jack Bastian has no use for a female like Kaye, as provocative and unexpected as her blazing beauty. Yet he has no choice but to hire her to uncover the secrets of his sworn enemy and her former fiancé, Ferrol Grey.


War is inevitable between the defenders of the Order and the mage Houses who threaten to engulf the world in Shadow. For Jack, mage-born Kaye is off limits, no matter how hot the impossible attraction between them. But in the coming darkness, beset by danger and desire, everything is about to change…

Grade: A –

This book will appeal to fans of paranormal and will not disappoint earlier fans of The Shadow Kissed Series.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, you can buy it July 3rd, 2012 from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Check out more reviews at Goodreads.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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