Twitter Thursday #2

Twitter Thursday is dedicated to all my twitter followers.  To get nominated for a spot on Twitter Thursday all you need to do is follow me on Twitter at @lizzylessard and use your twitter account on Thursday!  That’s it.  Different followers each week.  Five random followers were chosen this week:

Becky Paulk @ Book Bite Reviews

Becky Paulk is a book review blogger for the YA Paranormal Genre.  On her most recent tweet, she added Pitch by Jullian Eaten to her to-be-considered for review pile on Goodreads.

Emily @ Confessions of a Bookaholic

Confessions Of A Bookaholic

Emily is a book review blogger for YA, Dystopian, and Paranormal Romance Genres.  On her most recent tweet, she said #WeHaveSimon #WeWantAlec, which I’m assuming refers to the cast of the Mortal Instrument movie in development.

Laurie Jenkins @ Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

Laurie is a book review blogger for the Paranormal Genre.  Her most recent tweets are about giveaways on her site.  Check them out!

Kristen Holbrook

Kristen Holbrook is a reader, writer, and artist, who apparently is addicted to video games too.  I know how that is.  My personal FOTM is League of Legends.  On her most recent tweet, she’s written nine pages in her notebook.  Yay!  Keep writing, girl!

Bryan Johnson @ Author of Yield (Book 1 in the Armageddi Series)

Releasing August 14, 2012, Yield is Bryan Johnson’s debut novel.  You can preorder it from on paperback  from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Ebook purchases can be made from the author’s website.  On his most recent tweet, he was contemplating whether to market or work on the sequel.  Sequel in my opinion.

Ex-fire chief Devin Bane rises above the thick clouds for an interview in Seattle and the promise of a better life. Packing up his carry-on items for their descent into the city, Devin is blinded by a distant flash, followed by the screams and chaos of a crash landing.

Outside the plane’s wreckage, a new nightmare surrounds him. Seattle’s iconic skyline is gone.

Searching for answers as he flees through the ruins, Devin and a handful of survivors are surrounded by the most primitive side of human nature. Plunged into the darkness of a broken society, their tattered souls are each tested by the horrors they face. Even if Devin can escape the city, a far worse danger now blocks his path back home . . .

Back to his family and the dawning of a changed world.


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