Book Review: Rogue’s Pawn by Jeffe Kennedy

Rogue’s Pawn by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Carina Press

Available in ebook only.  It releases July 16, 2012.

What began with a woman tired of her husband, turned into a world so unorthodox and unusual that I literally had to reread passages to understand what the hell was going on.  If the author intended on the reader experiencing the same emotional turmoil as the narrator, then congrats.  The moment Jennifer/Gwynne entered the fairy realm I was thoroughly as confused as she.  I felt like I was watching a foreign film with subtitles only initially the subtitles were in the wrong language, so I had to piece together everything through very careful reading.  Let me give you some pointers to help you read this book:

a)  The people in this fairy realm are neither human nor do they talk in English.  The only way for Gwynne to communicate with them is to read their thoughts and project her thoughts to them in response.

b)  The names of many of the characters are chosen because of the meaning she connects with the perceived image of the real name.  These are not their accurate names.

c)  Things are not described, they are compared in an endless stream of metaphors and pop culture references.

The characters are pretty unique both in appearance and personality.  I like the how much thought was put into the social structure from the servants up to the role of Titania, the goddess.

The ending saved this book for me.  Up until the last chapter or two, it was a three star book for me.  The ending answered many of the questions I had by chapter two or three and tied the whole book together very well.  Some of the questions I had that developed later on in the book weren’t resolved, but I’m assuming that there is a sequel planned.

I think that this book didn’t live up to its full potential.  The actual story was excellent but it was written in a way that requires a lot of work for the reader.  It requires a lot of faith in the author to trust that that question annoying you like a gnat in chapter one will be finally explained before the book comes to a close.  I wish that there was more explaining early on in the book.  Oh, and there is a lot of emphasis on sex and sex appeal in this book.

EDIT:  I forgot to mention that there are some unpleasant sexually related scenes that readers may find offensive.  There is no rape, but it comes close.

Characters 5/5

Concept 5/5

Pacing 3/5

Grammar 3/5

Ending 4/5


This is no fairy tale…

Haunted by nightmares of a black dog, sick to death of my mind-numbing career and heart-numbing fiancé, I impulsively walked out of my life—and fell into Faerie. Terrified, fascinated, I discover I possess a power I can’t control: my wishes come true. After an all-too-real attack by the animal from my dreams, I wake to find myself the captive of the seductive and ruthless fae lord Rogue. In return for my rescue, he demands an extravagant price—my firstborn child, which he intends to sire himself…

With no hope of escaping this world, I must learn to harness my magic and build a new life despite the perils—including my own inexplicable and debilitating desire for Rogue. I swear I will never submit to his demands, no matter what erotic torment he subjects me to…

Grade: B-

This book will appeal to fantasy lovers who like a dark erotic twist.

If you’re interested in purchasing this book, you can buy it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  More reviews are available at Goodreads.

I received a copy of this book from Carina Press in exchange for an honest review.

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