Twitter Thursday #3

Twitter Thursday is dedicated to all my twitter followers.  Lizzy’s Dark Fiction gained 31 followers this week.  To get nominated for a spot on Twitter Thursday all you need to do is follow me on Twitter at @lizzylessard and use your twitter account on Thursday!  That’s it.  Different followers each week.  Spam and inactive accounts are skipped.  Five random followers were chosen this week:

John Sealander @ Some Assembly Required

John Sealander is a writer/photographer who loves Dalmations.  On his most recent tweet, he said, “When it’s time to act, some do and some don’t.”  And linked a post about a case of good Samaritan.  You can read it HERE.

Steve Montano @ Author of The Blood Skies Series

Blood Skies (Blood Skies, #1)

His first book released in June 2011 and he is currently working on the forth in the series.  On his most recent tweet, he announced that the first book in his series is the #1 free book on Amazon in both science fiction and dark fantasy genres.  Download your free copy HERE.

In the time after The Black, human survivors of the Southern Claw Alliance clash with vampire legions of the Ebon Cities in a constant war for survival. Earth as we know it has been forever damaged by an arcane storm that fused our world with distant realms of madness and terror. Things that once existed only in our nightmares stalk the earth.

Now, humanity is threatened by one of its own.

Eric Cross, an enlisted warlock in the Southern Claw military, is part of an elite team of soldiers and mages in pursuit of a woman known as Red — a witch whose stolen knowledge threatens the future of the human race. The members of Viper Squad will traverse haunted forests and blighted tundra in their search for the traitor, a journey that ultimately leads them to the necropolis of Koth.

There, in that haven of renegade undead, Cross will discover the dark origins of magic, and the true meaning of sacrifice…

Experience a dark and deadly new world in the debut novel of the “Blood Skies” series from author Steven Montano.

Aimee L. Salter @ Seeking the Write Life

Aimee Salter is a YA Author who offers manuscript tips and critiques on her website.  On her most recent tweet, she offered the secret recipe to growing your blog following.  And a pretty awesome quote by Ernest Hemingway:  “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Books on Sale @ Books on Sale

Books On Sale

Books on Sale offers news on new releases and sales on books and more.  On their most recent tweet, they announced a new post: Jump Start Your Book Sales: A Money-Making Guide for Authors, Independent Publishers and Small Presses.

Heather @ Pittsburgh House Wife

Heather is a blogger from Pittsburg who posts about some of the craziness in her life.  On one of her recent tweets, she says, “My child wants a new washing machine for his birthday. *sigh* Of course he wants everything he sees on T.V.”

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