Short Story Saturday #2

This week’s short story is for all my dark fiction lovers who are tired of reading stories about ponies and unicorns and magic beans to their children.  Here is a very adorable tale about a young zombie who tries to tell his parents about a human in his closet.  His parents don’t believe him until it is too late.  The lesson in this book is for the parents – believe your little zombies.  It is currently FREE on Amazon.  Buy your Kindle copy HERE.  I would purchase a board book version in a heartbeat, but unfortunately it is only available on ebook.

There’s a Human in my Closet by Ryan Leach and Mike Bombon


This is the story of young little Zed
An interesting boy who is very undead.

Like little boys, he sometimes tells lies
And sooner or later he’ll learn that’s not wise.

Crying wolf, is what human boys do,
But for zombie boys, they cry about me and about you.


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