Book Review: Things Falling Apart by JW Schnarr

Things Falling Apart by JW Schnarr

Publisher:  Five Rivers Chapmanry

Available in ebook or paperback from Amazon, Smashwords, or Barnes & Noble on August 1st, 2012.  More reviews available on Goodreads.

As this is a collection of short stories with a multitude of characters, I found it quite hard to decide on a rating.  I ended up rating it 3/5 because some stories were awesome, some were disturbing, and some were lame.  These stories don’t abide by ordinary limits – this is the darkest side of humanity.  If you like dark – and it’s even too dark for me in some of the short stories – than you’d like this.  Otherwise, do not read.  Don’t even peek.  Warning – These stories contain gore, zombies, child death, prison rape, racist remarks, obscene language and everything else most writers are too scared to pen.  I won’t go through all of the stories, but here are some that made an impact on me:

Survival of The Fattest – This is a story about an obese man who is desperate to lose weight, so he does something beyond stupid – it would make the Darwin files.  The story isn’t necessarily gore but it has the same “eww” feeling that makes you want to shower away the disgusting images.

Black Water – This is a story about a woman trying to cope with a death of a child.  Definitely sad.

Magpie – This is a story about a woman with weird pregnancy cravings.  The ending was HORRIBLE.  I don’t mean this as bad.  I mean that it made me want to go wake my child from a nap and cuddle him close because this story gave me such bad mojo.  This story hit my limit.  There are certain things that I don’t like to read about or even think about.  If you have children, I would skip this story.

Froggie – I thought was pretty stupid.  Its a “What if?”.  What if the video game Frogger was real?  Not scary, creepy, or much of anything.

The War Within – A burn victim fights the demons within as the doctors struggle to save her body on the outside.  I thought it was weird.  Definitely science fiction instead of horror.


In this collection of 21 short stories, J.W. Schnarr writes very much in the tradition of classic greats such as Edgar Allan Poe and Guy de Maupassant, but with a completely modern, fresh voice. With Schnarr it’s not so much about gore and splatter, as it is about sliding like a scalpel inside your head and lodging there. His characters are believable, ordinary people who are hurtled into horrific situations, sometimes of their own making whether through love or stupidity, sometimes not. J.W. Schnarr’s work has appeared alongside such greats as Clive Barker in “Torn Realities,” and his work was dubbed ‘Freshest Tale’ by “Rue Morgue” magazine.

Grade: C

This book will appeal to fans of extreme horror.

I received a copy of this book from the author (LibraryThings) in exchange for an honest review.

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