Book Blogger Hop: Genre question

Book Blogger Hop

What is the one genre you will NEVER read?

Call me a rebel, but there isn’t one.  If you stick me in a room with a book and nothing else to do, I will read it.  I don’t care if it is erotic, The Bible, The Koran, or even some book in Spanish.  I remember spending my Sundays stuck in church reading the psalms from the song book or the passages from previous weeks because I was bored.  I used to read ahead in my textbooks at school when I was bored of listening to the teacher.  Growing up my dad made me re-read some book about manners and morals every week (I’m not sure I learned anything however) and I did because he gave me a quarter every time I did.  My husband made me read Artie Lang’s autobiography (the comic from The Howard Stern Show) before he gave me free reign on Amazon (bad decision on his part) and by the end of that book I decided that if he ever made a sequel, I’ll help him attempt suicide next time.  Most whiny person EVER.

I had a security job where I had to open four gates and there was nothing but cheap romance novels in the room.  So I read them.  Every single James Patterson and John Grisham novel I’ve read has been as a result of some coworker leaving a book at work and I got bored.  I’ve even read erotic novels at work.  I made sure to wash my hands after handling it second hand, but…hey, it passed the time.

Now, there are many genres I won’t pay to read.  But free?  Hey, I love cheap entertainment.

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