Book Review: The Vedeine Sage: Deception by Ashley Strachan

The Vedeine Saga: Deception by Ashley Strachan

Publisher:  Self-published

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Available in ebook format from Amazon.  More reviews available on Goodreads.  

Overall:  I began reading this book in early June and it took me until late August to finish.  I was bitterly reminded of why I didn’t like Twilight – not enough action and too much fluff.  This story could of easily been 4 stars if it were 100 pages shorter.  There’s just too much that happens that doesn’t impact the story.  Actually, strike that.  There’s almost no action.  There’s one scene halfway into the book where Amelia enters the hospital that I found was amazing and intense – and then it slows back down to nothing until near the end of the book.  So what is the fluff – well, I don’t need 3-4 pages of mushy “I love you” “I miss you” back and forth between Robert and Amelia every freaking chapter.  I get it.  They like each other.

Characters:  The author does create a decent cast of characters but there’s one problem – they get along fabulously.  There’s absolutely zero drama and rivalry between the “good guys” and the “bad guy” doesn’t have nearly enough screen time to make up for this.  Amelia and Robert fall in love instantly and I secretly was hoping that Christopher would form a love triangle – but no, Amelia thinks of him as an “elderly” friend.  No possibility for romance between them.  I just don’t get how you can have so many people living in one house without anyone getting upset.  I get irritated at my husband if we spend too much time together and we’re the best of friends most days.

Plot:  Amelia nearly died and some woman saved her, so she becomes this person with super-human abilities (way too many to list).  When she turns 18 she goes to live with other people like her.  She finds out that her transformation wasn’t done properly because that woman had a grudge on Christopher, which I’m not sure how saving Amelia to let her die later is good revenge for someone who hadn’t even met Christopher yet.

Ending:  The ending was probably the best part of the book.  There was more action in the last 20% than the first 80%.  There were a few discrepancies that bothered me.  One thing is that Amelia resembles another character, but when she under disguise, she is mistaken for this other character.  Her “disguise” makes her look less like this other person so I don’t get it.  Basically this is a two star book instead of one star because there is an audience for this type of book.  You have to like purple unicorns and sparkly vampires, but there is an audience.  It is just not me.


With such a fine line between good and evil, how can Amelia find her way in a world that she knows so little about?

After a near death experience, nineteen year old Amelia Powell was changed into a Vedeine. A demon.

Leaving the only home she has ever known in Ontario, Canada, she is sent to live with others of her kind, in Portland, Oregon.

Once there, she discovers that things are completely different – absolutely nothing like the woman explained.

And as she uncovers the lies and deception, Amelia begins to truly understand what she has become… and the amazing abilities that she now possesses.

DECEPTION takes you deep into the world of Vedeines (pronounced Ved-EEns), building up the relationships between those in the upper echelon.

Grade: D

This book is good for fans who like books full of romance and paranormal.

I purchased a copy of this book from Amazon.

About the author:

(Information and picture obtained from Goodreads.)

Ashley is an avid science fiction and fantasy fan. If the Stargate system was real, she’d be the first in line to go through-provided there were no Wraith on the other end! (Unless it’s Todd the Wraith)

Born in Canada, she’s lived all over the country, as well as a few places in Europe. Her favourite country was Norway, even with the snow!

Aside from writing, her passions include travel, reading, learning new languages and spending time with her husband and two year old son (who has Sensory Processing Disorder). When she isn’t taking him to Occupational/Feeding Therapy, doing the usual mom and wife stuff, Ashley is on her laptop, typing away.

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