Book Blogger Hop: Movie

Book Blogger Hop

What is the one book or series you are dying to see turned into a movie or tv series?

My choice is actually a little odd, as it isn’t a well-known book.  I’d love to see this self-published horror gem turned into a movie.  It’s Nocturna by Mark Diehl.  It is a story about a woman who makes horrible decision after horrible decision and enters a world of vampires and drug addiction.  I think that it’s so different from any other movie on the market.  I love the use of flashbacks of Sara as a child dealing with horrible parents.  I think that this story would translate well on the big screen without a big budget and still make a huge emotional impact on the audience.  It reminds me of the impact I felt watching the movie Precious (originally Push by Sapphire), only this story has even less of a happy ending.  Read my review of Nocturna HERE.

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