August in Review

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Well, besides the distraction of the Olympics for the first two weeks this month, I didn’t do that bad.  I’m still a little behind on my indie reviews, although I plan on doubling up next week with reviews.

Cover Reveals:

I’m not sure which cover I liked the best.  Both covers from author Karice Bolton are absolutely amazing, since they’re so gothic.  The other two covers appeal to more of an urban fantasy lover.  September 10th, I’ll be doing a promo with Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno.  I inherited a copy of the book somehow over the summer, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to review it in time.  Definitely look for my review of it in the weeks to come.  I also purchased a copy of Awakening by Karice Bolton.  I’ve heard great reviews about her, so I’m excited to start reading that too.  More cover reveals are already planned.  Expect a few within the next couple of days!


Congrats to everyone that won in the giveaways this month.  Many more are planned in September – at least six including book tours.


Twitter Thursday has been retired for now, since it requires too much prep time.  I’m thinking about having a twitter follower of the week, the prize being free blog advertisement on my side bar.  I’m still working out the details.  For now, Lizzy’s Dark Fiction is regularly participating in Booking Through Thursday, Book Blogger Hop, and the AW Monthly blog prompt.  If you have any memes that you think I should join, mention them in the comments.


I’m always happy to participate in blog tours to help promote authors.  I prefer offering reviews, but sometimes time doesn’t permit.


Fifteen reviews this month.  A little less than last month, but I’m still averaging a book every two days, so I’m happy with that.  For the month of September, I have 4 indie book reviews planned, 7 reviews in blog tours, 7 reviews for books released this month.  And there will be more!  I know I’m being ambitious but I am going to completely annihilate my to-be-read list this month.

Well, I’m happy with August.  Ready for September.  How’d your August go?

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