Booking Through Thursday: Organization

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Booking Through Thursday asks a random question to bloggers each week.  This week’s question:

How do you organize/store your books? Do you go through them often? Or do you pretty much just shelve them and then leave them alone until you need them?

Paperbacks:  This might sound a little weird, but as a child I use to throw all my books on the floor in a huge pile, divide them up by author’s last name: A, B, C, etc with my barbie dolls as helpers, and see what letter of the alphabet had the most books.  Another confession, I still do this occasionally – minus the barbie dolls.  I absolutely love organizing my books.  I do the same to DVDs/Blu Rays.  When I was little, the letters A (Animorphs), M (Babysitter Club), P (Christopher Pike), and S (Goosebumps, Fear Street) always won.  Now a days, R rules my bookshelf because of my many books by J.K Rowling and Anne Rice, although G (Terry Goodling) and M (George R.R. Martin) are catching up.

Ebooks:  My ebooks are sorted by subject on my kindle.  I have approximately 700 ebooks stored on my Kindle with half of them sorted and the other half in my “unsorted” collection.

Review books:  I do keep my paperback review books off the bookshelf until I review them so they don’t get lost.  I have them stacked according to when I receive them, although I don’t necessarily read them in that order.  If I like the book, I either keep it or pass it along to a friend.  If I don’t like the book, I donate it to the library.

I have a pretty complex system when it comes to the books I review on my Kindle.  My review ebooks are initially sorted into the “review book” collection.  Each week I put the books I need to read/review into my “currently reading” collection.  After reading, the books are moved to the “posting” collection.  Once the review is posted, they are retired to the “read” collection and either archived or deleted.

Here is a full list of my collections:

(They are listed alphabetical on my Kindle.  I couldn’t figure out how to do that on my computer version of Kindle.  I have a total of 778 ebooks.  But thankfully only about 35 of them need to be reviewed.)

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19 comments on “Booking Through Thursday: Organization

  1. I always get great ideas reading other people’s systems. I forgot to mention in my post that I also use Goodreads to help me organize…and have my “currently reading” books on some of the blogs.

    My Kindle is another thing I forgot to address: I sort them by when I read them: Books Read in 2012, etc.

    Here’s MY BTT POST

  2. I usually just shelve them but as a kid I also loved to take them all out, look at them and put them back in the shelves properly. I was usually helped by my teddy bear, rather than barbies! XD My Kindle has a lot less books on them cause it’s new, but I just have Classics, Contemporary, Plays, Papers, Reviews, etc. I should probs be a bit more detailed because I sometimes can’t find books! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    My BTT
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. I love how you organise your books on your kindle. That is something I should really do as I have way too many kindle books and end up having to use search to find what I want.

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