Short Story Saturday #7

I skipped this last week because I had 6 tours/promos to fit in.  I really do love sharing stories that I’ve found on Amazon with you guys, so I’ll try not to over-book myself again.

Kid by Steve Emmett

Publisher:  Self-published

This 12 page story is available as an ebook from Amazon.  More reviews can be found on Goodreads.

From the author of the acclaimed Diavolino comes this chilling, short horror story set somewhere in England a few centuries ago. Born hideously deformed, Kid was never even given a name. When illness took away his hearing, his family shunned him completely and he retreated to the forest. Chanced upon by the local sheriff, Kid is forced to work as torturer and executioner. One evening he is visited by a stranger bearing a gift. All Kid has to do is choose…

I swear I spent more time thinking about this book than reading it.  At only 12 pages long, you might not think that an author can cram in scenes so vivid that every sense comes alive.  It’s creepy and disturbing.  I think the choice Kid made was 100% the wrong choice.  The ending isn’t well-defined but I’m left with the feeling that the results of this gift aren’t going to make Kid’s life any better.  Definitely a 5 star short story.

The Grip by Griffin Hayes

Publisher:  Trebor Books

This 13 page story is available as an ebook on Amazon.  More reviews can be found on Goodreads.

Lt. Cready and Engineer Andreas Chavez have been chosen to man a claustrophobic outpost on the outer edge of the solar system. After a year and a half with no word from Earth, nerves become frayed and tensions mount as Cready begins to suspect that his friend isn’t entirely human.

I liked this short story and then I didn’t.  I liked the set-up and the ending…but the middle was too much of an angry monologue to thrill me.  I thought that there was something missing – like the ending was rushed.


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