Feature and Follow: Accomplishments

I don’t normally participate in feature and follow, but I HAD to because I love this week’s question.  This week’s featured blogs are Book Liaison and Angela’s Anxious Life.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Is it to one day become an author yourself, just for fun, maybe get some online attention, or maybe something very different?

I do wish to one day become an author myself, but that isn’t what drives me to post every day and read 4-5 books a week.  I’m a huge fan of dark fiction and horror.  It is severely under-represented in the market and on blogs.  Most of the blogs I see like books that are YA with HEA.  I don’t like guaranteed happily ever after endings.  I don’t like books where romance is the only plot-line.  I’m not one of those bloggers who becomes a super-fan of some book guy because he’s “hot”.  I like books with a fast pace, lots of drama, flawed heroes, a couple gory deaths, and a bittersweet ending.

Maybe I’m being selfish with promoting the genres and books that I do.  I write YA horror.  I know that the only way to get better with my writing is to read YA horror – and it’s probably the most difficult genre to find in the bookstore (read: Anna Dressed in Blood is the only book).  I would love to only cover this genre on my blog, but I simply can’t find the books.  I hope that within the next few years that YA horror becomes more popular.  Until then, if my blog can help find and promote the books that do exist (and I get a chance to read), I’m satisfied.

If you have any recommendations for this genre, I’ll be happy to check them out!  If you have a blog, what do you hope to accomplish?


12 comments on “Feature and Follow: Accomplishments

  1. Heh, I absolutely loved Anna Dressed in Blood! I’d love to read more of that genre, but to me it seemed dark, not really scary. But maybe I’m just odd, lol.

    I do read HEA or happy-for-now sort of books, and if done well, they convince almost as much as a non HEA. Honestly, I tend to like ‘sad’, dramatic books more, really tortured characters, that sort of thing. But I’m not big on horror really, I mean, I love the tension and the wondering and the dark vibe, but outright fright doesn’t do it for me, you know? 🙂

    Loved to read your post!

  2. I love horror books & they are always perfect for cold nights! 😉 At the moment I have two horror books on my tbr list for October and I can’t wait to begin. 😉
    Hope that one day you can write your book!

    Thanx for stopping by and following me! I’m following you back! 🙂

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