Booking Through Thursday: Burn

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Booking Through Thursday asks a random question to bloggers each week.  This week’s question:

 If your house was burning down and you could save just one book from your collection … what would it be?

My current collection of books is only a few years old.  The books that I truly cherish are in a relative’s house a few thousand miles away…stuck in storage until I can figure out a non-expensive way to transport them.  In that collection of books, there is one that is very special to me.  It is a copy of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery that was given to my mother from her parents as a child.  It is the only thing of my grandparents (they’re both deceased) that has survived the many moves that both my mother and I have made over the years.  I’d be devastated if I lost that book permanently.

What book would you save?

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