Fall into Fantasy Blog Hop: Guest Post/Giveaway of Arcadian Genesis

I know that many of the other blogs on this hop are giving away teenage Cinderella stories, where a young girl meets a prince (or vampire), they save the world, and then live happily ever after.  Not here.  I have a special dark fantasy (science fiction) novella by Greig Beck.  Arcadian Genesis is currently number one on the iTunes bookstore and top 20 on Amazon’s action/adventure, but two lucky people can win a free ebook copy here!  This is the prequel to the Alex Hunter series.  So it you’re a new fan or old fan of Greig Beck, this book is for you.

In the spirit of Halloween, we also have a guest post by Greig Beck.  Read it and then leave a comment with your email to enter the giveaway.  There are TWO winners and this is an international giveaway (October 16th – 21st).  No need to follow for this giveaway, but I’d love for you to read my review of Arcadian Genesis HERE and check out the official page for this book on the publisher’s website.


Guest Post by Greig Beck


Not the kind in that back alley with the busted street lamp at midnight, or the night-black forest when the moon has set and just before the sun rises. Something more stygian, mysterious and more impenetrable to even the most dark-adapted eye.

That type of darkness.

When I was just eight years old, my parents took our family to visit the Jenolan caves in the Blue Mountains. They’re one of the largest, deepest and at three hundred and forty million years, oldest limestone cave systems in the world.

After travelling for thirty minutes down and then further down into the wonderful caverns, artificially lit by gothicly placed lighting to best show off the angel wing columns, coral coloured stalagmites dyed blues, greens and reds from different minerals leaking down one small drip at a time for countless millennia, we finally came to a large cathedral like cavern.

Our guide stopped, smiled, and then asked is to spread out so we weren’t touching each other, and then to stand stock-still. He turned out the lights. The darkness was complete – nothing, not a glimmer, glow, or particle of light anywhere.

He spoke softly: ‘now feel the darkness.’

And we did.

It was cold, oppressive, all around us, everywhere, and wrapping itself so sightly it squeezed the chest, and blanketed the senses.

He spoke once again. ‘Listen.’

Almost imperceptibly at first, we could hear it – a slow drip from far away, its echo, plinking ever softer as it bounced softly onwards. Then, a scuttle, something like a low moan, and a stealthy sliding sound – way too close by.

It was unsettling, creepy, and claustrophobic. Even though the logical part of our brains told us we were still in a huge open space, our senses refused to support it.

This was real darkness. This was its world; this sunless place where legends and myths were born and grew strong.  There were things living in it. Things that had found sight redundant a million years before. However, these things still ‘saw’ us and knew we were there.

Even after the lights came back on, I remembered those feelings and sensations – on the way home, weeks afterwards, and still today, decades later.

Many of my stories contain scenes of travelling in that type of darkness – and there are things that lurk in that world that see us clearly even though we are blind. Things that are sentient, hungry, waiting, and not like us at all. That world does not belong to us – never did.

This Halloween, remember that dark when you turn into the street without the light, remember that someone or something sees you, far better than you see it.

A final thought; over two thousand people go missing a day – mostly in that kind of darkness. Look over your shoulder, and remember…

Happy Halloween!

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Book Review: Arcadian Genesis by Greig Beck

Arcadian Genesis by Greig Beck

Publisher:  Momentum Books

Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure

Arcadian Genesis released September 1st, 2012.  You can buy it on ebook Amazon, iTunes bookstore, Kobo, or Booki.sh.  More reviews available on Goodreads and more information available on the publisher’s website.


The first thing I noticed when reading Arcadian Genesis was how vivid and complete the world of Alex Hunter was.  It’s like the author slipped on his favorite pair of shoes when writing this book.  It’s so polished that you’d think Alex Hunter himself was writing the book.  Being written (mostly) from the POV of an emotionally detached guy, there is some trouble feeling for the other characters, which is a good thing considering how many deaths there are in this book.  And in some chapters, there is so much carnage and chaos that you’re not quite sure who is left alive until the next chapter begins.

I must say that the pacing is incredibly fast for the majority of the story, and you really have to pay close attention or you’ll lose track of what’s going on very quickly (and with a small child running around, I did have to reread some parts).  Every word counts in this story and by the end of the book, you’ll feel like you read a story twice as thick because of how much information, world-building, and action is crammed into Arcadian Genesis.

As far as technical care, Greig Beck’s writing feels a lot like Brad Thor, but Alex Hunter is way less of a ladies man than Harvath.  Alex is consumed by revenge for the deaths of his family and no detailed is spared in exactly how he transforms into a cold-blooded killer.  Lots of gore and death.  No character is safe.  For anyone that has read other books in this series, you know how it ends.  For anyone else, you will be surprised.

Book Description:

Alex Hunter – in the mission that turned him from a normal man into the weapon known as the Arcadian – and the elite team of soldiers known as the Hotzone All-Forces Warfare Commandos must enter a hostile country to rescue a defected Chechen researcher from the center of a country at war.

But the HAWCs are not the only ones looking for the rogue scientist and the mysterious package he carries with him. A brutal and relentless killer and his death squad are on the trail too – and they bring a savagery with them that Hunter and his team have never witnessed before in modern warfare.

In this stunning prequel to Beneath the Dark Ice, the HAWC team must race the clock to rescue the scientist, prevent the package from falling into the wrong hands … and save the world from a horror that should never have been woken.

Arcadian Genesis features a sample chapter from Greig Beck’s forthcoming novel Black Mountain.

This is the prequel to the Alex Hunter series.  Check out the covers to the other books in this series.

Rating:  A

This is a great book for those who want grit of an action novel in a vivid science fiction world.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

(Information borrowed from Goodreads.)

I’m an Australian author residing in Sydney with my wife, son and oversized black German Shepherd named Jess. My novels are now available in more than ten countries, and coming soon in full AUDIO format.

I grew up spending my days surfing at Bondi Beach before entering a career in Information technology which took me around the world. After completing an MBA, i was appointed both an Australasian director of a multinational software company, and tasked with setting up the USA arm of the organisation.

Today, I’m still involved in IT, but spend most of my time writing… with plenty left over for surfing.

Tour Giveaway/Guest Post: Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea


For the Swamp Monster Massacre  tour, we have a guest post by author hunter Shea, an awesome giveaway, and my opinions on this monster horror novel.  Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour for more interviews, reviews, and guest posts.  The full list of stops can be found HERE.  You can read my review HERE.  I gave it 4/5 stars.

Halloween : A How-To Guide

By Hunter Shea

It stands to reason that by virtue of being a horror writer, I’m a huge Halloween fan. Forget Christmas and presents. I want monsters and scares. I look forward to the month of October the way little kids run around excited about their birthdays.  I’ve actually given the month a new name: Terrortober! Cue the sinister organ music.

So, what can you do to make the most of the Terrortober season? Here’s how we do it in the Shea mausoleum.

  1. Watch a horror movie a day from October 1st until Halloween. Take it like your multi vitamin. There are plenty of places to get movies, from TV to on-demand, new movie releases, Netflix, even the library. Immerse yourself. Watch the classics as well as the new stuff.
  2. Read only horror themed books. I collect books throughout the year that I save just for October. The scarier the premise, the better. My Terrortober pile is staring me in the face as I write.
  3. Dress up. If you have kids, put on a costume when you take them trick-or-treating. If you don’t have kids, see if you can borrow someone else’s for the night. Or, throw a costume party for the adults.
  4. Decorate. I’ve seen some people go a little overboard with twinkle lights and giant blow up figures in the yard. You don’t have to break the bank to show everyone you’re the king or queen of Halloween. Put some fake spider webs around the house, a foam tombstone or two, maybe a skull on the coffee table. Have fun with it.
  5. Candy. I’m not big into sweets, but even I can appreciate a candy corn in October. Plus you’ll need some on hand for the little ghosts and witches that drop in.
  6. Go to a haunted house or hayride. Some of these places are too scary for kids, so hire a babysitter, grab some friends and get the pants scared off you. Then head to a bar to relax and laugh your heads off.
  7. Take a paranormal tour. Thanks to the explosion of paranormal TV shows, it seems every city and town has a paranormal walking tour. They’ll take you to historical haunted houses, restaurants and if you’re really lucky, cemeteries.

If you can manage to do at least 6 of the 7 tips above, you will have taken Halloween by the devil horns. Make Halloween night a real party. Be with friends and family and celebrate until the witching hour, or when the sugar high wears off on the kids.

Happy haunting!

Click HERE to enter a giveaway to win a $5 Gift card to Samhain Publishing.

Book Review: Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea

Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea

Publisher:  Samhain Publishing

Genre: Horror

You can buy it on ebook Amazon or from the publisher’s website.  More reviews available on Goodreads.

I’m not sure what I expected from this novella, but Swamp Monster Massacre was one hell of a fun book to read.  As typical of monster novels (and movies) there is a very large cast in the beginning of the book and a much smaller cast by the end.  There are some characters that didn’t have much opportunity to develop before they suffered a very painful and gory death, but the ones that survived until the end definitely had my vote.  I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that I liked it.  And as much as I love horror novels, I typically hate how stories in this genre end.  Not so with this book.  It ended perfectly.  There was just enough closure to know that the worst could be over for the survivors.

I did enjoy the fact that the characters had a different flavor than what I’m used to.  The star of the show was the original bad guy.  The rest of the cast is different and enough is said about them to know that they’re typical people who got on the wrong boat.  I’m pretty sure that none of them will ever decide to tour the Florida Everglades again.  I did have a hell of a fun time reading it, but I wasn’t scared.  This is more focused on the gore and if you like brains and dismembered limbs, than this is a perfect book for you.

Book Description:

Deep in the overgrown swamps of Florida, where humans rarely dare to enter, lives a race of creatures long thought to be only the stuff of legend. They walk upright but are stronger, taller and more brutal than any man. And when a small boat of tourists, held captive by a fleeing criminal, accidentally kills one of the swamp dwellers’ young, the creatures are filled with a terrifyingly human emotion—a merciless lust for vengeance that will paint the trees red with blood.

Rating:  B

This book guarantees hours of entertainment for monster lovers.

I received a copy of this book as part of the RABT tour in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Hunter Shea is the author of the novels Forest of Shadows and Evil Eternal, as well as the upcoming Swamp Monster Massacre and Sinister Entity. His stories have appeared in numerous magazines, including Dark Moon Digest, Morpheus Tales and the upcoming anthology, Shocklines : Fresh Voices in Terror. His obsession with all things horrific has led him to real life exploration of the paranormal, interviews with exorcists and other things that would keep most people awake with the lights on. He is also half of the Monster Men video podcast, a fun look at the world of horror. You can read about his latest travails and communicate with him at www.huntershea.com, on Twitter @HunterShea1, Facebook fan page at Hunter Shea or the Monster Men 13 channel on YouTube.

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