Tour Giveaway/Guest Post: Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea


For the Swamp Monster Massacre  tour, we have a guest post by author hunter Shea, an awesome giveaway, and my opinions on this monster horror novel.  Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour for more interviews, reviews, and guest posts.  The full list of stops can be found HERE.  You can read my review HERE.  I gave it 4/5 stars.

Halloween : A How-To Guide

By Hunter Shea

It stands to reason that by virtue of being a horror writer, I’m a huge Halloween fan. Forget Christmas and presents. I want monsters and scares. I look forward to the month of October the way little kids run around excited about their birthdays.  I’ve actually given the month a new name: Terrortober! Cue the sinister organ music.

So, what can you do to make the most of the Terrortober season? Here’s how we do it in the Shea mausoleum.

  1. Watch a horror movie a day from October 1st until Halloween. Take it like your multi vitamin. There are plenty of places to get movies, from TV to on-demand, new movie releases, Netflix, even the library. Immerse yourself. Watch the classics as well as the new stuff.
  2. Read only horror themed books. I collect books throughout the year that I save just for October. The scarier the premise, the better. My Terrortober pile is staring me in the face as I write.
  3. Dress up. If you have kids, put on a costume when you take them trick-or-treating. If you don’t have kids, see if you can borrow someone else’s for the night. Or, throw a costume party for the adults.
  4. Decorate. I’ve seen some people go a little overboard with twinkle lights and giant blow up figures in the yard. You don’t have to break the bank to show everyone you’re the king or queen of Halloween. Put some fake spider webs around the house, a foam tombstone or two, maybe a skull on the coffee table. Have fun with it.
  5. Candy. I’m not big into sweets, but even I can appreciate a candy corn in October. Plus you’ll need some on hand for the little ghosts and witches that drop in.
  6. Go to a haunted house or hayride. Some of these places are too scary for kids, so hire a babysitter, grab some friends and get the pants scared off you. Then head to a bar to relax and laugh your heads off.
  7. Take a paranormal tour. Thanks to the explosion of paranormal TV shows, it seems every city and town has a paranormal walking tour. They’ll take you to historical haunted houses, restaurants and if you’re really lucky, cemeteries.

If you can manage to do at least 6 of the 7 tips above, you will have taken Halloween by the devil horns. Make Halloween night a real party. Be with friends and family and celebrate until the witching hour, or when the sugar high wears off on the kids.

Happy haunting!

Click HERE to enter a giveaway to win a $5 Gift card to Samhain Publishing.

5 comments on “Tour Giveaway/Guest Post: Swamp Monster Massacre by Hunter Shea

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  2. I so want this book. If I win I’ll be grabbing it. Can’t wait to read and review it. I love anything boggy, bigfoot or swamp ape!

  3. I agree with you about some people going overboard. I’m a bit late getting things up this year. Won’t be finished until this weekend. I like scary door coverings, eerie music, a few things hanging around the yard and lots of pumpkins!

    • I haven’t decorated yet this year and don’t even know if I’ll be putting up Christmas decor. Moving over the holidays and I’d rather not add to the pile of things to pack. Sucks, cause I love holiday decorations.

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