These are memes that are unique to Lizzy’s Dark Fiction.  You can use them on your own page as long as you link back.  I’m working on custom graphics.

5 Star Review

So what is 5 star review?  Well, this is where, as a reviewer, I let you know what makes me rate your book 5 stars – or not.  New posts should be up every Sunday until I run out of ideas.  Feel free to email me with any suggestions or comments at lizzylessard(at)

#1 The Ending

#2 Genre Expectations

#3 Content Rating

#4 Pacing

#5  Characters

Short Story Saturday

Welcome to Short Story Saturday, where I find books 100 pages or less on Amazon that are both self-published/small press published and worth reading, which means you’ll only see mini-reviews of 3 stars and up on this feature!

#1 Lilah’s Ghost/Severance – MG Paranormal/Thriller

#2 There’s a Human in my Closet – Zombie Picture Book

#3 The Itch – Horror

#4 Be Prepared Be Paranoid/Maelyn – Adventure/Fantasy

#5 Madly – YA Fantasy

#6 Pale/Mean – YA Paranormal/Horror

#7 Kid/The Grip – Horror/Science Fiction

#8 Looking Through Lace – Science Fiction

#9 Hallow’s Ween – MG/YA Horror

#10  Nordic Faeries – Fantasy

#11 After the Darkness – Dystopian


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