Welcome to Lizzy’s Dark Fiction, where I blog about books and book related materials.  I have a heavy preference towards reading about Dark Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, or Horror books.  I post reviews on my blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads.  I will also post copies of the review to LibraryThing and Smashwords if requested.  I accept requests from indie and self-published authors.  Please read my policy for more information.

Blog Stats:

Updated 10/24/12

  • Open April 2012, 6 months
  • 1475 views a month average last four months
  • 700+ followers (99 WordPress, 110 Facebook, 511 Twitter, and 59 Linky)
  • 80+ book reviews (70 novels + 17 Short Stories/Anthologies)

About Me:

When I’m not blogging or reading, I am taking care of a very active little boy.  I firmly believe that my son will be potty trained before my Maltese, even though she is a full year older.

I am also an unpublished writer, working on the 3rd full re-write of a YA horror novel.  Estimate publication date of the End of the World is December 21, 2012.


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