I am a lover of books and the art of writing.  Nothing upsets me more than to read a book that falls horribly short on expectations because of a lack of editing or an overdose of cliches.  Even, no especially, if you decide to self-publish, please look for beta-readers and editors to critique your novel prior to publishing it.  Your readers will thank you and come back for future purchases.

My goal is to review at least one traditional published novel and one independently publish novel each week.  Aside from posting my review on my site, I will also post on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads.  Other sites can also be included at your request.  For indie authors, I am willing to re-review a novel if corrections are made.  All you need to do is email me with an updated copy of your book.  If the difference is substantial, I will then write a second review and replace my first one.

  1. ARCs – My goal is to provide reviews on or within a week prior to release date.
  2. I accept both paperbacks and Kindle ebooks, but I give priority to paperbacks.  I do not like reading books in .epub or .pdf formats, because I’m forced to read from my computer and mobility is important when I have to chase my one-year-old around the house.
  3. I do NOT review unpublished work – ARCs must have a release date.
  4. I do review short stories and novellas.
  5. If you do not want a one or two stars review for your book, tell me before reading.  I will refrain from writing a review for you book then if I don’t like it.
  6. I reserve the right to cancel reviewing your book at any time.  I do not review on a first come basis.  I review books based on current mood (what genre I’m interested in) and whether or not I have agreed to a deadline (ex: book tour).  I also read several books at once, so its possible your book will be stuck at 25% for a week or more while I finish something else.  This doesn’t necessarily reflect whether or not I like your book.
  7. You can check my request queue to get an approximate date on your book review.  If your  book is not on this list within two weeks of accepting your request, please send me a reminder email.  I don’t mind.  I do not want your request to get lost and forgotten in my gmail.

If you’d like me to review your book, send me an email with a summary of the plot, the genre, purchase links, and release date.  Requests can be emailed to me at lizzylessard(at)gmail.com.


I prefer dark fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or horror novels.  MG, YA or Adult is acceptable.  Generally speaking, the book either has to have dead people or magic for me to read it.  I prefer novels with no guaranteed happy endings and many of my favorites are bittersweet or downright depressing.  So, no…I won’t read the typical girl meets boy.  Unless this girl likes to eat human brains and the boy is armed with a shotgun.  That, I’ll read.

I do not normally read contemporary, mystery, crime/suspense, erotica, non-fiction, or romance novels.  Please don’t ask me to review these genres.

Book Tours:

I participate in book blog tours as long as the book is in a genre I review.  I do promos, guest posts, excerpts, and reviews.  If I don’t like a book I offered to review, expect an email from me requesting to switch to a promo only stop on the blog tour.  Out of respect for the author, I won’t publish one or two star reviews on a blog tour.  Out of respect for my readers, I won’t sugarcoat reviews to please people.

Disclaimer:  I do not accept money in exchange for reviews.

Some of the books reviewed were provided by authors/publishers and some I purchased on my own.  Although authors/publishers may pay for a book tour, I neither receive money to be a part of the tour nor in exchange for reviewing books on tour.  I also do not guarantee or promise positive reviews ever.  I do give one and two star reviews.  You can check out the rating of all my reviews HERE, as well as the percentage of each star/grade.

No ARCs I receive will be resold.  Paperbacks will either stay on my bookshelf or be passed along to a willing reader at no cost.  ARC ebooks will be deleted after reviewed.

This page was last updated 10/25/12.


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