Twitter Thursday #2

Twitter Thursday is dedicated to all my twitter followers.  To get nominated for a spot on Twitter Thursday all you need to do is follow me on Twitter at @lizzylessard and use your twitter account on Thursday!  That’s it.  Different followers each week.  Five random followers were chosen this week:

Becky Paulk @ Book Bite Reviews

Becky Paulk is a book review blogger for the YA Paranormal Genre.  On her most recent tweet, she added Pitch by Jullian Eaten to her to-be-considered for review pile on Goodreads.

Emily @ Confessions of a Bookaholic

Confessions Of A Bookaholic

Emily is a book review blogger for YA, Dystopian, and Paranormal Romance Genres.  On her most recent tweet, she said #WeHaveSimon #WeWantAlec, which I’m assuming refers to the cast of the Mortal Instrument movie in development.

Laurie Jenkins @ Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

Laurie is a book review blogger for the Paranormal Genre.  Her most recent tweets are about giveaways on her site.  Check them out!

Kristen Holbrook

Kristen Holbrook is a reader, writer, and artist, who apparently is addicted to video games too.  I know how that is.  My personal FOTM is League of Legends.  On her most recent tweet, she’s written nine pages in her notebook.  Yay!  Keep writing, girl!

Bryan Johnson @ Author of Yield (Book 1 in the Armageddi Series)

Releasing August 14, 2012, Yield is Bryan Johnson’s debut novel.  You can preorder it from on paperback  from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Ebook purchases can be made from the author’s website.  On his most recent tweet, he was contemplating whether to market or work on the sequel.  Sequel in my opinion.

Ex-fire chief Devin Bane rises above the thick clouds for an interview in Seattle and the promise of a better life. Packing up his carry-on items for their descent into the city, Devin is blinded by a distant flash, followed by the screams and chaos of a crash landing.

Outside the plane’s wreckage, a new nightmare surrounds him. Seattle’s iconic skyline is gone.

Searching for answers as he flees through the ruins, Devin and a handful of survivors are surrounded by the most primitive side of human nature. Plunged into the darkness of a broken society, their tattered souls are each tested by the horrors they face. Even if Devin can escape the city, a far worse danger now blocks his path back home . . .

Back to his family and the dawning of a changed world.


100 Follower Giveaway

I’ve only been open since April and already Lizzy’s Dark Fiction has 100 followers.  To say thank you, I’d like to give one of my followers a $10 Gift card from  This gift card is to the US version of Amazon only.  I will send the giftcard through email.  To enter, simply click the Rafflecopter link.  Goodluck!

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