Some books can fit in multiple categories.  

Rating Percentage

(Updated 10/28,  72 books)

A – 5 stars : 20% – 14

B – 4 stars:  35% – 25

C – 3 stars: 28% – 21

D – 2 stars 10% – 7

F – 1 stars 7% – 5


(YA) Dittermore, Shannon  Angel Eyes – D

Edwards, Hailey  Soul Weaver – D

Whiteman, Terra  The Antithesis – B

(YA) Young, Suzanne  A Need so Beautiful  – A

(YA) Young, Suzanne A Want so Wicked – B


(YA) Hoover, Colleen  Slammed – A

(YA) McGarry, Katie  Pushing the Limits – C

Skomal, Lenore  Bluff – C

(YA) Stanley, Brenda  The Color of Snow – B


Carozza, Claudia  The Twenty – D

(YA) Karr, Julia  XVI – F

(YA) Mafi, Tahereh  Shatter Me – C

(YA) Merle, Claire  The Glimpse – B


(MG) Bell, Braden  The Kindling B

(MG) Bolton, H.B.  The Serpent’s Ring – C

Brook, Terry  Wards of Faerie – F

(YA) Carter, Aimee  The Goddess Legacy – C

Hensen, Peter  First Watch – C

(YA) Jenson, Megg  The Swarm Trilogy – B

Kennedy, Jeffe Rogue’s Pawn – B

(YA)  Reece, Julie   Crux – B

(MG) Samson, L.L.  Facing the Hunchback of Notre Dame – F

(YA)  Shreffler, T.L. Sora’s Quest – B

(YA)  Shreffler, T.L.  Viper’s Creed – A

(MG) Simcox, Victoria  The Black Shard – B

(MG) Simcox, Victoria  The Magic Warble – A

(YA)  Stiefvater, Maggie  The Raven Boys – A

(YA) Wade, Krystal  Wilde’s Fire – B

(YA) Wade, Krystal  Wilde’s Army – F

Wampler, H.L.  The Last Grimm:  Red’s Hood  – D


(YA) Bentley, Cheryl  Petronella & The Trogot  – C, (releases 10/1/12)

(YA) Blake, Kendare  Anna Dressed in Blood – B

Coones, K.L. Absolom Rex – B

Diehl, Mark  Vida Nocturna –  A

Esmont, William  Fire (Elements of the Undead) – B

Fulton, Patricia  The Drought – B

(YA) McKay, Kristy  Undead – C

O’Dierno, Jacki   Sleep Stalkers – C

Rae, Dina  Bad Juju – C

Rae, Dina  Halo of the Damned – B

Shea, Hunter  Swamp Monster Massacre – B

Wech, Mike  Seven-X  – D


Rosch, Peter  My Dead Friend Sarah – D

Non- Fiction

Seal, Mark   The Man in the Rockefeller Suit – B

Paranormal Romance

Aku, V.V.  The Fire of Dawn – B

Anders, Alivia  Illumine  – C

(YA) Ashton, Brodi  Everneath – B

Brady, Kira Hearts of Darkness – C

Brady, Kira Hearts of Fire – A

Bueno, Fabio  Wicked Sense – C

Callihan, Kristen  Firelight – A

Callihan, Kristen  Moonglow – C

(YA) Franklin, T.M.  More – A

Garner, Cynthia Secret of the Wolf – C

Hawk, Jordan  Hainted – B

Hogan, J.K.  Fire on the Island – A

Kellison, Erin  Fire Kissed – A

(YA) Melborn, Trish  White Witch – B

(YA) Provencher, Misty  Cornerstone – B

(YA) Provencher, Misty  Keystone – A

Shayne, Maggie  Mark of the Witch – B

Strachan, Ashley  Deception  – D

(YA) Stoyanoff, Ashley  The Soul’s Mark: Found – B

Science Fiction

Beck, Greig  Arcadian Genesis – A


McVay, Katie   The City of Lost Secrets – C

Christie, Sally Franklin  Milk Carton People:  Journey – B

Urban Fantasy

Daniels, J.C.  Blade Song – B 

Dorman, Nerine Inkarna – B

Hoar, Natasha  The Ravenous Dead – C

(Novella) Mercury, Linda  Dracula’s Secret  – F

(YA) Harris, Milda  Doppelganger – C

Wright, Kenya  Fire Baptized – A


(YA) Adams, Jocelyn  Tidal Whispers

Schnarr, J.W. Things Falling Apart 


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